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SANAD Capital and Industry Leader WhiteWater Make Waves in Australia with First-of-Its Kind

The company behind the announcement of Queensland’s newest multi-million dollar adventure and active theme park development ACTVE, has today announced details regarding plans for its waterpark.

SANAD Capital today unveiled its partnership with WhiteWater – the world’s original waterpark and attractions company – and released details of the planned adventure development, which will include Australia’s biggest wave pool, with waves up to 9ft high.Commenting on the released plans Bradley P. Sutherland, CEO of SANAD Capital, tells us the new development will include a world-class water park with considerable entertainment value, the likes of which Australia has never seen before.

“World-class vision calls for world-class partners, which is why we chose to work with the best. WhiteWater will be responsible for most of the water elements and features, especially the planning and engineering of the waterpark rides, given its credentials as the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of innovative waterpark products,” says Sutherland. The new announcement unveiling the features has been highly anticipated and details released include:

  • Australia’s biggest wave pool generating 9ft-high waves

  • High thrill rides which have never been seen in Australia before

  • The world’s largest interactive aqua play structure (accommodating 2,000 people at any one time)

  • The first slide-boarding area in ASEAN, a ‘world’s first’ innovation which brings video game interactivity to waterslides

  • The park will boast the most iconic rides in the waterpark industry, which are set to hit Aussie shores for the first time, including The ABYSS, CONSTRICTOR and BOOMERANGO MANTA

“This waterpark has been designed to provide a complete family experience with features for every age group. The plans contain a dedicated area for tots, where kids from four to eight can make a splash, thrills for teens with the AquaLoop, as well as raft rides for the whole family to enjoy together.. The Sunshine Coast is seeing some game-changing developments, and we wanted to add to that with this project,” adds Sutherland. WhiteWater has been responsible for the world’s biggest, most exciting and well documented projects to date, including the Atlantis Resort and Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai, China’s largest water park Yinji Xinmi, beautiful Vana Nava in Thailand and America’s newest Waterpark Typhoon Texas.

More projects can be found here: WhiteWater featured projects

Dedicated to providing the ultimate ‘wow’ factor to its clients and their guests, WhiteWater President & CEO Geoff Chutter was particularly keen to partner with SANAD for Australia’s greatest waterpark to date. He said, “We are delighted to be partnering with SANAD to create a world-class park and bring state-of-the-art attractions to the Australian market.” The project ‘dubbed ACTVE’ for the time being is set to be officially launched before the year-end, with the unveiling of the master plans and the project’s name, which will become synonymous in years to come with tourists flocking to Queensland, from both domestic and international regions.

Construction of the $400 million project is due to begin in 2017. The project will offer 2000 direct and indirect jobs throughout construction, adding $60 million per year to the economy throughout the build phase, totaling $260 million upon completion. The plans comprise the world’s first ‘WAVE RESERVOIR’, the world-class waterpark and extreme water sports facilities, a prestigious sports training and development centre, as well as a four-star hotel, an exhibition and conference centre, cafes and restaurants, and international and local retail outlets.



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