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Development & Investment

At Sanad Capital we focus on identifying and investing in projects that have the potential to maximise returns while adding significant value to the community.

Our global reach, capabilities and relationships add value to our investment methodology. We devise strategic plans across asset classes and boarders with the aim to foster optimal returns and benefit the local economy. Our expertise lies in identifying, acquiring and managing opportunities that offer compelling upside potential.

We bring extensive experience in developing projects to the table, and manage multiple stages of the development lifecycle: from strategy and risk management to acquisitions, design and planning. Additionally, we manage the entire investment process as well: from negotiating and structuring the acquisition to arranging finances.

Sanad Capital develops and invests in residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. We continuously study underlying regulatory displacements, economic changes and the shifting needs of the market, and through our comprehensive research, we have the keen ability to assess the value of an asset today, as well as possess the ability to envision its value tomorrow.

Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions

Private equity investments allow companies to think larger, create more of an impact, become pioneers of their industry and enhance their share of the market – essentially, a well-structured private equity investment can put your business on the fast track to aggressive expansion.

Sanad Capital advises on both the buy and sell side of deals, leveraging a wealth of knowledge in private equity investments. We specialise in later-stage companies that are currently not operating at their full potential.

Capital Markets

Private placements and distribution: our ability to tap into the international capital markets and into excess liquidity through our network of high net-worth associates, that allow us to deliver vehicles to financing growth businesses.

Combined with long standing institutional relationships with global players and a focus on strategic value-added transactions, we continually deliver de-risked solutions with maximised returns.

Special Projects

Sanad Capital’s investment strategy is focused on growth. We pursue investment opportunities where we can add value through our knowledge, skills and capabilities in co-operation with the company’s management team. In line with this, we channel funds into promising projects on the Sunshine Coast, our home.

In terms of the level of our involvement, we let the desires of the board drive this – our role can range from being a silent investor to an active board member to being hands-on management on a temporary or permanent basis.

Ultimately, our skill lies in recognising and boosting the value of a business. Our overarching objective is to build strong, sustainable businesses. In doing so, we aim to drive value creation for all stakeholders – from our investors to the communities in which our investee companies operate.

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