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Who we are

Sanad Capital is a Homegrown, Privately Owned Development and Investment Company

Nestled in Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Sanad Capital is a homegrown, privately owned development and investment company. Sanad Capital serves as a springboard for a diverse range of local projects – particularly community-based and family-friendly projects – by tapping into significant reserves of capital, years of relevant experience and the considerable local know-how of its executives.

Sanad Capital is an offshoot of a Dubai-based business conglomerate and the brainchild of Australians brothers, Bradley and Gregory Sutherland. The idea for the company was developed in late 2015, to develop high-profile entertainment and leisure destinations on the Sunshine Coast.

Currently, Sanad Capital’s operations and business services span project funding, private equity, pre-IPO capital and joint ventures, and its areas of expertise include real estate development, as well as the technology, tourism, retail and renewable energy sectors. Through the global experience of its management, the company enjoys access to a wide network of local and international strategic relationships.

Sanad Capital is, therefore, well placed to help the local community capitalise on opportunities: one of the company’s primary objectives is to boost tourism and generate jobs in the Sunshine Coast by investing in and developing a host of community centric projects.

Ultimately, Sanad Capital is committed to creating long-term progress and economic growth within the Sunshine Coast by delivering landmark projects.

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