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Proudly Supporting Our Community

By Bradley P. Sutherland, CEO, SANAD Capital

Behind the scenes at SANAD we tend to see everything from a community development point-of-view. Why? Well, for starters, I love the Coast. I grew up close to here, and have always loved our unique natural heritage, the people and the lifestyle.

Our very first project – which we’ve codenamed ACTVE for now – is a family-friendly active-lifestyle destination on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. We hope to create over 2,000 direct and indirect jobs during its construction phase. And once complete, ACTVE will not just contribute to the region’s economic growth, but also feature a dedicated area for community events – the Great Lawn.

ACTVE is approximately ten kilometres down the road from the Australia Zoo and we think, when complete, it will complement the zoo and vice versa. Everybody needs good neighbours, and we really have the best.

So when the annual Steve Irwin Gala Dinner came around, we made a $12,500 donation to the zoo, which will go towards helping the Wildlife Warriors charity in its efforts to support some of the world’s most effective wildlife conservation programmes.

Donating to the Wildlife Warriors really fits in with our sense of community. The work they do makes a real difference, not just in the Sunshine Coast but also around the world, and it really helps put the region on the world’s radar.

Meanwhile, a chance meeting with Loren Wimhurst, who owns the Next Property Group, while I was hunting for a new family home on the Coast, enlightened me about her efforts to raise funds for the Bloomhill Cancer Care initiative that cares for cancer survivors. It’s a Sunshine Coast-based charity dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people living with and beyond cancer.

Who in our community has not been touched by the disease? Having seen family and close friends fight cancer, it was important to support the cause. So we decided to make a donation to help Loren and her team exceed their fundraising goal of raising $60,000 for the Bloomhill Cancer Care initiative following their 2nd Annual Charity Auction last month.

While SANAD is focused on identifying and investing in projects that have the potential to maximise returns, we are very keen on investing in projects that add significant value to the community. We are committed to creating long-term progress and economic growth within the Sunshine Coast, while acting as a driver for community-driven projects and initiatives.

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