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SANAD Capital Brings Jobs to the Sunshine Coast’s Tourism Industry

Investment and development company SANAD Capital (SANAD) today met with Tourism Minister Kate Jones in Brisbane. The meeting, was set up to discuss SANAD’s $400 million active lifestyle project in the Sunshine Coast and its projected impact on Queensland and the economy there.Ms Jones said the project aligned well with Queensland’s economic and tourism plans moving forward.

“We know every extra dollar visitors spend on the Sunshine Coast supports jobs for Queenslanders,” Ms Jones said.

“To grow the tourism industry in Queensland, we need to offer new products and experiences to visitors.

“New products like SANAD’s active lifestyle project are a great example of new innovative ideas which will draw visitors from across Australia and around the world.”Research in an “Economic Benefits and Needs Analysis” published by SANAD reveals that the project will have a direct and value added economic benefit to the Sunshine Coast economy during the construction phase of approximately $260 million, or $60 million per year of construction. “Job creation and skill-enhancement are major objectives for us. We are very focused on creating jobs, especially for the youth population on the Sunshine Coast, utilizing skills developed in Queensland’s world class universities and colleges,” said Bradley P. Sutherland, CEO of SANAD Capital. “Our project is set to inject over 2,000 job over the duration of construction, that’s an average of 470 per year of construction.”

Post construction, the study shows employment of over 830 full time employees on site and flow-on employment benefits during the operational phase in the wider community equating to 640 full time equivalent positions.

Layth Dajani – Head of Marketing for SANAD Capital, Cameron Adams – Managing Director Adams + Sparkes Town Planning, Bradley P. Sutherland – CEO Sanad Capital, Hon. Kate Jones – Minister for Tourism & Major Events and Education, Tegan Marshall – Office Manager Sanad Capital, Jeffrey McAlister – Deputy Director-General (Tourism) – Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games, David Baird – COO Sanad Capital

Bradley P. Sutherland – CEO SANAD Capital, Hon. Kate Jones – Minister for Tourism& Major Events and Education

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